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Kill the Temptation (誘惑を斬る, Yūwaku o Kiru) is chapter eighteen of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Returning to the Palace after defeating the bandits, a nervous Tatsumi wonders how he came into this situation where he was waiting for Esdeath, who was taking a shower, on her bed. He momentarily blanks out but regains his composure and reminds himself that he wants to convince her to be his ally, and he needs to keep his wills up in order to do so. Esdeath comes out of the shower and apologizes for keeping him waiting, but Tatsumi nervously says she didn't, all the while looking flustered at how she was only wearing a shirt with no underwear. Esdeath sits next to him and asks if he would like a drink but he refuses. She asks if he's nervous but he says he isn't, causing Esdeath to tell Tatsumi how cute he is. She admits she doesn't know what to do in this situation herself, but if the both of them know what they want, they can figure it out. Tatsumi, in response, asks Esdeath if she really likes him, and she answers by kissing him and pushing him down onto the bed, saying that if she didn't, she wouldn't be doing this to him right now. Tatsumi gets a hold of himself long enough to tell Esdeath to hear his request and she agrees.

Tatsumi confesses how he hates the Empire as it is, and Esdeath says it's natural for many people. He tells her that he doesn't want fight for the Empire, but for the Revolutionary Army; an answer that causes Esdeath to stop smiling. Tatsumi internally notes he can't tell her that he is part of Night Raid but he also knows a simple lie won't work either, which is why he is taking this path. He asks if she would run away with him and and fight beside him in the Revolutionary Army, and that way, everyone's suffering can be lessened. Esdeath answers his question with a slap to the face and asking him what he is thinking saying that to a general like her. Tatsumi admits what he's saying is crazy, but as is, the two of them may be separated as friends and enemies. Esdeath hugs him and says he doesn't have to worry about that because all he has to do is stay with her. She tells him that she understands his hardships but she won't let anyone harm him again, because she considers him her one true love. While stunned, Tatsumi says that he's grateful she feels that way about him, but he can't accept her conditions because he wants more than just his happiness. Esdeath asks if he is talking about his family and she says she can place them under her patronage. Tatsumi says though that he was talking about the country itself, and that he wants to make a country where everyone can live happily, and with the Empire as awful as it is, he can't see it happening. Tatsumi asks Esdeath that if she really does like him, then she should imagine a scenario where a girl from a village falls in love but the cruel Empire prevents her from acting on her feelings. When he asks if she understands what he is saying, she quickly and coldly says she can't understand the feelings of the weak, because only the strong survive and the weak die off. She emphasizes this by pointing out how Tatsumi became strong despite being poor, and that's what attracted her to him.

Tatsumi angrily stands up and and yells to her that he can't bring himself to love someone with that kind of mindframe, and if she truly has feelings for him, then she should change her mindframe. While Esdeath is left awed by Tatsumi's facial expression, she stands up herself and says that she won't change her ideals and instead, she plans to change his. Tatsumi says he won't change his ideals even if he was tortured himself. Esdeath comments on how stubborn he is but guesses it is because of that he can smile the way he did when she first saw him. She admits she wants to see that smile again and have his feelings, but she says that she is tired after today and they can finish the conversation tomorrow while they go to sleep. Tatsumi nervously heads for the couch, but Esdeath grabs his wrist, saying that she isn't mad at him for what he said and to at least sleep in the bed with her. Tatsumi, in response, makes his way to the shower, but stops when Esdeath tells him that if he makes a scene in the Palace or tries to escape, he will be killed, because the guards who have devoted their lives to guarding the Palace, it isn't a place where he can say 'it's okay for me to be here' and things will be okay. She also says that Budo's personal guard skulk around, so he shouldn't think of doing anything strange. Tatsumi accepts this while thinking back to how the others in Night Raid said the Palace is a dangerous place to be, so of course he can't just attack her and flee. After he leaves, Esdeath wonders if she should have showered with him, but she decides it is okay not to rush anything, as she thinks back to a conversation with Bols and how he told her the trick to winning someone's heart is never giving up. He also admitted that he was rejected by his wife twice, but all he had to do was wait for the right moment, so winning Tatsumi's affection will take time. As Esdeath lays on the bed, she decides to show off her skills to Tatsumi while hunting Danger Beasts, confident that she will be able to win his heart.

The next morning, Wave greets Tatsumi coming into the meeting room and comments how it looks like he didn't gather much sleep. Tatsumi says he was so nervous he couldn't sleep until dawn, but he interally admits Esdeath was hugging him like a body pillow, which is why he was nervous. He then notices Kurome eating sweets and Wave asks if she should be eating candy this early in the morning, but Kurome says it is better than eating any of his seafood and that she would rather not smell like beach. While this annoys Wave, Tatsumi gets a closer look at Kurome and gets a feeling of déjà vu looking at her, and it isn't until she tells him he can't have of her candy that Tatsumi acknowledges there is a connection between her and Akame. Tatsumi and Wave admit she looks very similar to Akame in the wanted posters, and Kurome answers by telling the two of them that despite being a skilled fighter in the Empire, she betrayed them, and when she confronts her 'beloved elder sister', she will kill her herself, leaving the two men shocked.

Esdeath comes in and tells Tatsumi and the others that for the next few days they will be hunting at Mt. Fake, and for everyone to keep their topen in case of an ambush. Wave and Kurome respond that they can handle it, but Tatsumi sees this as his chance to escape. Esdeath says that they will be hunting Tree Beast cells until evening, and once they get there they will branch off with Esdeath partnered with Kurome exploring the east and Wave partnered with Tatsumi exploring the west. Esdeath also admits that she didn't get to see much of Kurome's abilities yesterday and she needs to make sure she is up to her standards. Wave asks if Esdeath already confirmed his strengths and she confirms it, admitting he had a great teacher and he should be proud of his strength. While Wave is left honored, Tatsumi says it's good he's getting partnered with Wave because he doesn't seem like the type to keep an eye on him, unlike Esdeath. Esdeath then says when dusk falls she'll take Tatsumi with her, which annoys him as Esdeath admits internally that when night falls, the stronger enemies will appear, which is where she will try to impress him. Meanwhile, Dr. Stylish observes the four of them from afar with a disapproving look on his face.

At Mt. Fake, Wave tells Tatsumi that he knows all the monsters at sea, but on mountains, he is clueless. Tatsumi says that most enemies use camouflage and attack by surprise, so he should be very wary of the path they walk. He also admits that being at Mt. Fake reminds him of the time he spent with Bulat. Wave asks Tatsumi why he didn't bring this stuff up at the Palace while acknowledging his skills. Tatsumi thanks him before saying that he is used to being treated like nothing, which Wave confirms he feels the same way. Wave admits he feels like Tatsumi reminds him of himself, and when Tatsumi asks why, he says it's because they have the same problems, regarding their teammates, which Tatsumi confirms. As Wave says they should get along, Tatsumi gets behind Wave and strikes a Tree Beast, while Tatsumi notes how he just moved all on his own despite his intention to flee. The two of them proceed to destroy all the Danger Beasts, but when Wave turns to talk to Tatsumi, he notices he has disappeared, though it is revealed that Tatsumi donned his Teigu, Incursio, to escape from Wave, stating it would have been impossible to do so without one. 

Wave walks around for a bit before realizing that Tatsumi potentially fled and, not wanting to get on Esdeath's bad side, activates his own Teigu: Grand Chariot. He catches up to Tatsumi at a riverside. He recognizes Incursio as a Teigu wielded by Night Raid, but also reveals that it was a prototype for Grand Chariot. Wave acknowledges that he would have encountered someone as suspicious as him so far up the mountains, but he does not know that it is Tatsumi behind the suit, believing he was long gone. Nevertheless, Wave decides that defeating the Night Raider in front of him takes precedence over finding Tatsumi, and prepares to fight him.

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