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After the Battle (戦の後で…, Ikusa no Ato de …) is chapter 17 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


After the battle, Soukai's soldiers are holding a feast. Hinata's Unit is drunk while Akame is watching them as she eats her meal. Meanwhile, Elder's Class, save for Akame, are being called by Maruge and Shion. Hisame, following his achievements of beheading Kyoukotsu, is promoted two ranks into Commander, replacing Buaku. The class is grateful to hear about Hisame's promotion and he will still be placed under command of Maruge to learn on how to become a Commander. Following Hinata's feat of sending Akame to defeat ninjas and Soil Spiders, Maruge promotes Hinata into a General under his command.

Suzumaru was also promoted as a General to Hisame's unit while Kumehachi begs to become one of his generals as well. Hisame accepts it and Suzumaru apologized to Maruge and Shion because of commotion. Tobari, on the other hand, is promoted to Captain and Maruge already suggests that Akame will be also promoted to Captain. Hinata tells him that Akame refuses promotion and she also refuses her promotion as a ninja since being a foot soldier allows her to move more freely. The refusal of promotion surprises Maruge that there is an unusual person on his ranks.

Shion shows armor where Buaku demonstrates his skills of cutting the armor into two and he want Hisame to perform it in front of everyone. Hisame question that motive but the class convinces him to do so. Seeing the Elder's Class bickering against each other, Maruge and Shion remember the times when they're young. Hisame finally cuts the armor in front of everyone, much to everyone's joy.

Meanwhile, back into the camp, Tobari was surprised that his father also promoted to Captain while the other three, Iroha, Rikiya, and Ganta are also promoted to Captain as well. Iroha and Nemuri invite Hinata to join the bath with them and she goes to bath even she already did before. Akame knows about her current position makes her must to work more with her units.

Hinata told Iroha to drop the honorifics and she thanks Hinata for being promoted to Captain. Hinata also knows that it won't be long before Nemuri can get promoted as well. During a bath, Nemuri joins because she doesn't have much job recently as a hunter while Iroha needs to feed her family. Nemuri ask Hinata about Hisame, but she told them that he got his eyes on someone but Nemuri immediately pass when Hinata offers Kumehachi.

That night, Hisame is watching a star and surprised to see Rinzu come to visit her without escort while telling him that she has someone reliable by her side already. Rinzu personally thanks Hisame and he wish to do more, much to his tears of joy. Hisame declare that he will help her should she was in distress, and her first offering is will he take her place to being scolded by her mother and sister but she was literally joking to him about it. Hisame's strengthen his will to marry her, by any cost.

Back in Tenrou, Yomihime place Kyoukotsu's memento into a box and she immediately attacks Nahashu with new moves that comes sneakily from behind. Nahashu was promoted into one of Ten Stars of Tenrou a year ago after he defeat the Proud Swordsman, Rangeki. Rumor is he was hailed from far east and there is a lot of mysteries remain on him. Answering her question why he was here, he simply answers that Ten Stars of Tenrou has been summoned by the King. Soon, he will be heading to the castle for answering the summon.

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