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The Battle at Fort Shiranui Comes to a Close (不知火砦の決着, Shiranui Toride no Kecchaku) is chapter 16 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Occupied with a duel, Akame sees fire radiating from Yomihime, wondering if it is her Meihou was infused with fire or Yomihime herself radiates it. Yomihime quickly charges forward and despite Akame managing to deflect her attack, she manages to take burn damage on her skin. Akame questions her appearance and Yomihime answers that she was born between a Freak (Danger Beast) and human. She is also surprised by how much power she can unleash, and thanks to that she will burn Akame to cinders. Resuming the duel, Akame manages to pass through her with a light wound, surprising her further. Enraged, she unleashes more fire but since she hasn't mastered it yet, she decides to retreat. Akame knew it was a wise decision for Yomihime to retreat.

While Akame and Yomihime are dueling, Kyoukotsu was provoked by Hisame and he must finish the fight in one second. Kyoukotsu's sixth sense tells him that he needs to retreat after witnessing Hisame's aura. Compared to Suzumaru he fights earlier, he knows that he is stronger than Suzumaru. Hisame provokes him again, hoping to keep Kyoukotsu at the bay while thinking about Rinzu. Knowing his attack pattern from Suzumaru, he blocks Kyoukotsu's Meihou attack and makes a quick counter-attack, breaking his chest armor. Enraged further, Kyoukotsu unleash the hidden trump card behind his chest armor. Just as he thought that his trump card stabs all Hisame's vitals, he was surprised to see he managed to block all of his vitals. Without waster, Hisame lands a fatal blow to Kyoukotsu and beheads him.

Before his death, he states that the King of Tenrou wants this land and he will be watching Hisame from hell, laughing before his last breath. Congratulated by his units, Hisame shows Kyoukotsu's head to Soukai's soldiers and they reply by victory roar. Akame returns to the fortress shortly after and Hinata was happy that Akame is back while Tobari laments because she wants a bigger achievement. Hinata was happy that her units suffer no casualty while Kobu is looking forward to work with her again, knowing that her leadership makes him moved. On sunrise, Hisame and Rinzu are making conversation while at Tenrou, the King summons Ten Stars of Tenrou and one of it, is Nahashu.

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  • Nahashu's appearance resembles Najasho who went missing during Akame Ga Kill! Zero.