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Beating Kyoukotsu (キョウコツを討つ, Kyōkotsu o Utsu) is chapter 15 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Outnumbered, Tobari makes the first move but when she is caught off guard, Yanagi comes to rescue her. While Hinata warns her unit about Soil Spider, some of them feel aroused since she doesn't have enough faith of them. Once gathered, her unit continues to suppress the freaks. Meanwhile, Shion finally decides to try it with Soil Spider, thinking of what Kyoukotsu planned to do.

Tenrou spies are suspicious why the fortress didn't throw into danger as they expected. Akame suddenly appears and when Tenrou spies are using technology that she found at the mountain, confirming her expectation that Yomihime participates on this battle.

After defeating the danger beasts, Hisame and Hinata unit's regroup with Maruge to deliver a report to Shion. While Rinzu is safe and sound, Shion proposes a plan to pretend Soukai's soldiers are thrown into disarray, as what Kyoukotsu wanted. This time, he plans to use it as a trap to defeat Kyoukotsu once and for all despite the huge risk.

When the Shiranui's gate opens, Kyoukotsu commands his units to charge inside only to realize that he fall into their trap. Yomihime then tries to assist him by sending her units as well, only to encounter Akame once again in front of the fortress.

The duel from Mount Kageboshi resumes and Yomihime notices how strong Akame has become. Determined not to make another careless mistake like before, she decides to unleash her power. Akame can feel her overflowing power, questioning if she was a human being.

Meanwhile, still trapped in the fortress, Kyoukotsu tries to flee. However, provoked by Hisame, he stops and fights back, scolding him that some people got stronger when they got provoked.

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