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Rinzu (Part 2) (リンズ(後編), Rinzu (Kōhen)) is chapter 14 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Before the battle, Strange Elder explains about the quality of the General and Royals themselves. They possess a unique aura where Hinata witnesses by herself what the Elder meant. Rinzu approaches Hinata as she talks about her squad that manages to fend off the initial attack before. She starts to depend on her unit but Hinata told her that it's because of her unit that she made it this far, further charming her unit with Rinzu's appearance alone.

Meanwhile, despite after getting the 54th octopus, Shion is still confused on how Kyoukotsu is using his strategy. When Shion understand his intention, the guard station somewhere inside the fortress receives a surprise attack. A freak or known as Danger Beast Soil Spider manages to slip through defenses and start making chaos inside the fortress.

While Tenrou spy expecting chaos, Kyoukotsu and Yomihime check the tunnel that was dug by Soil Spider. Due to size itself, however, he can't send his men through it. Despite it was the effort to become Ten Stars of Tenrou, Yomihime still reminds him that he can't relax until it's all over as taking down the fort will bring credit to his effort.

Meanwhile, Rinzu was escorted by Kahei, Maruge, and two royal guards to the post where Hisame's unit is stationed at. Suddenly, they were ambushed by a group of Soil Spiders. Kumehachi tries to intercept but instead, he got webbed to the wall as the creature were familiar with an arrow and when Suzumaru tries to fight it, he realizes that the creature was trained.

Hisame quickly secures Rinzu and she remembers him speaking at Yaenami Village. Hinata and Tobari arrive to assist, but only to realize that they're being outnumbered.

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