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Rinzu (Part 1) (リンズ(前編), Rinzu (Zenpen)) is chapter 13 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Kyoukotsu's unit manages to breach the wall, driving Maruge to panic. He desperately dispatches Hinata's Squad while keeping Hisame's unit with him. Hinata and her squad quickly dispatch Tenrou soldiers on the wall, further motivating some of her units even more.

Finally able to take a shot, Kumehachi able to destroy the ladder and Suzumaru comments on how he made his "uncool" victory dance. Frustrated after seeing his invention was destroyed, Kyoukotsu originally plans to attack them, but Yomihime stops him. Once he calms himself, he orders his men to retreat.

After the retreat, both armies start to reorganize themselves. Later, that night, when Kyoukotsu visits Yomihime's camp, he laments at how cold she is despite she's taking a bath right now. Despite he was indebted to her after what she did to him today, Yomihime advises him to control himself if he wishes to become Ten Stars of Tenrou.

Starting from the second day, Shion starts to feel suspicious as Tenrou returns to their usual fightings. This continues for several days and despite Maruge laughing about them, Shion doesn't feel calm at all.

One day, Rinzu arrives when the soldiers are having dinner. The men are charmed by her appearance alone while Akame and Tobari feast on the dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Kyoukotsu and Yomihime have just finished their grand plan to attack the Shiranui Fortress.

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