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Feelings is chapter eleven of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Suzumaru start dueling with Kyoukotsu as the soldiers of Soukai Nation are watching it. Kyoukotsu did not expect that Soukai also possess a Meihou when dueling Suzumaru. Yomihime spots Akame and Hinata while observing the duel from distances. Kyoukotsu start showing off his Meihou and Suzumaru expect that he possess a serpent-type Meihou. He want to engage again but stopped when he noticed that Suzumaru acts as he was seriously injured. He commend his valor as a foot soldier, even offering him to join Tenrou's Army but declined. Kahei orders the retreat and Kyoukotsu also calling the fight to be postponed until tomorrow. Before leaving, Kyoukotsu stated that he want to make Suzumaru belongs to him and when he enter the fort, he was commended by Shion.

Even he was failed to defeat Kyoukotsu, the Elder's class commend them nonetheless. Meanwhile at night, Kyoukotsu is torturing a prisoner while conserving with Yomihime for tomorrow's plan. Back on Soukai's camp, Akame has just returned from patrol by defeating many ninjas and Maruge commends her actions about that. Both have a short conservation before sleeping together for the next day. The next day, Tenrou Army immediately lay siege on Shiranui Fortress. While Maruge turns afraid, Shion instead becomes eager to see how the battle goes. Yomihime herself has just returned from scout, regrouping with Kyoukotsu and both are prepared to launch an attack using three-way strategy.

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