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Fight to the Death (Part 1) (死戦 (前編), Shitō (Zenpen)) is chapter ten of the Akame ga Kill! Zero manga.


Guy and Cornelia split up and go their separate way, with Guy leaves the town to meet up with Najasho and Green who are left behind in the mountain while Cornelia remaining in the town with the girls. Cornelia is suddenly called out by Taeko who ask her out to an abandoned part of town with no people as Taeko suddenly attacks her. Cornelia somehow managing to dodge the attack questions Taeko who reveals she's an assassin hired by the Revolutionary Army.

Determined to defeat her former friend, Cornelia equips her Shingu, Crushing King, and starts a duel with Taeko, both sides having no advantage over the other until the poison that was nicked into her at the beginning of the fight starts to take effect on Cornelia.

Meanwhile, Chelsea after having enough rest decides to assist Taeko and impersonates Guy using her Teigu, Gaea Foundation while Babara arrives at the mountain to assassinate the boys.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Guy
  2. Cornelia
  3. Taeko
  4. Chelsea
  5. Green
  6. Najasho
  7. Babara Oreburg