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Battle at Shiranui Fortress (不知火砦の戦い, Shiranui Toride no Tatakai) is chapter ten of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Reaching Shiranui Fortress, Elder's Class are viewing the place that will become a battlefield. Akame asks for Hinata's permission to do a scouting while taking out any enemy behind the shadows since it was her specialty to do so. To put it simply, the Elder's Class now are separated into two squads for the war. Akame and Tobari work under Hinata's command while Suzumaru and Kumehachi work under Hisame's command.

Hisame's squad, on the other hand, is observing the field and Hisame wants to strike the first chance he gets. Meanwhile, Hinata reports to Kahei, who is currently massaging Maruge's head, asking permission to send Akame out for scouting. Maruge permits them to go on condition that Hisame must not be allowed to deploy.

Akame goes out to scout and discovers a Soukai scout was pursued by Tenrou's ninja that attempt to capture him. Akame quickly intercepts and defeats them, leaving one alive for interrogation before going out to find more of Tenrou's ninja.

Several days later, Tenrou's army arrives with number of 30,000. The number is sixty times larger than Soukai that only deploys 500 to Shiranui Fortress. Approaching the Shiranui Fortress to do a scouting, Yomihime shoos Kyoukotsu off since he knew that her plan was one of Soukai's expectations.

Kyoukotsu approaches the fort, demanding a one-on-one duel and Buaku comes out from the fort to fight him. The duel is brief and ends up in the defeat of Buaku. He continues to taunt Soukai and Tobari is held by Soukai's soldier due to her short temper. Maruge knows that he plans to lure Soukai's soldier out. Suzumaru later volunteers himself to duel Kyoukotsu. Preparing himself, Suzumaru steps out to duel Kyoukotsu.

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