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Cassandra (カサンドラ, Kasandora) was a member of the Oarburgh clan.


Cassandra had purple eyes and long, purple hair, which she tied in two pigtails. She wore a maid's outfit. She had four arms.


Cassandra was peaceful and intelligent. She was one of the closest people to Madam Mera. She liked women more than men.


As a child, Cassandra was sold by her parents because she was born different from others, having been born uniquely with four arms, eventually being sold by them to a circus as one of their entertainers where she, presumably, began her early training in sword play as part of her act. Eventually, she met and befriended another circus entertainer from similar circumstances as her, Gilberda, and thus becoming close with her. After this, she was scouted out and eventually joined the Oarburgh Clan together with Gilberda, eventually meeting the heiress and future leader of the Clan, Merraid Oarburgh and becoming loyal to her.

After Taeko and Babara's deaths, Cassandra (with other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate the Elite Seven. Before their ambush on the Elite Seven, Cassandra joined in on Merraid's orgy.

On the beginning first battle with Elite Seven Gilberda and Cassandra were fighting with Poney and Tsukushi, girls from Empire fled.

While Merraid was teaching Akame about the true world, they met up with Dora and Gil. Merraid involved Akame into the orgy, kissing her in front of both Gil and Dora. When Akame later distracted the Oarburgh's for Kurome to get the insect cure, Cassandra and the others tried seducing Akame, and it was strongly hinted that Akame was sexually assaulted. Later Cassandra met with Akame and asked her why she didn't seem to be into it when she was kissed by Merraid, Akame was thinking that Cassandra found out about her plan but Dora started saying to Akame that she seemed to prefer recieving love rather than giving it and believed that Akame doesn't want to be loved.

During the Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons ambush on Oarburgh's hideout, Cassandra tried to stop Akame, Suzuka and Ibara, so they couldn't catch Merraid. During battle she used Wrigglers, which she received from Mera. While fighting, Akame get away and came after Merraid. Cassandra had to deal with Rakshasa Demons. At some point Gozuki,Sten,Mez and the surviving members of the Elite Seven finally caught up with Ibara and Suzuka,where they thus then joined them in the battle and successfully defeated Cassandra, with Mez seemingly inflicting the final blow on her.

Power & Abilities[]


Dora's Chakrams

Cassandra, much like Gilberda, was raised and trained in combat and assassination from childhood by the Ourburgh Clan. As such, Cassandra possess a vast array of combat skills that even makes two of the Four Rakshasa Demons immediately deem her to be extremely dangerous, as she was skilled enough to battle both Ibara and Suzuka on her own, who, despite outnumbering her, needed the assistance of Mez and the Elite Seven to finally defeat her.


Having been trained by the Oarburgh clan, Cassandra had been trained in the use of several weapons to the highest skill, as seen when she managed to contend with the Elite Seven's Shingu and keep up with the Four Rakshasa Demons's Body manipulation techniques with ordinary weapons.

  • Chakrams - Also called Mountain-Chakram, are what seems to be Cassandra's main weapon of choice during combat, being exceptionally skilled in throwing and using them as projectile weapons to easily fend of gigantic danger beasts.
  • Swords & Daggers - Cassandra was also well versed in swordsmanship, having completely taken advantages of her unique body trait of four arms to create a dangerous and lethal four handed sword style. She was skilled enough to take on the Four Rakshasa Demons and members of the Elite Seven with her swordplay.
  • Cable Hook - During her battle against Ibara, Suzuka, and Akame, Cassandra revealed that she had a hidden hook cable in one of her arms, which she demonstrated the use of this weapon when she managed to catch and entangle Ibara's left hand and throw him around using her raw physical strength.


Cassandra had also been trained and taught by Merriad on how to operate and control the Wriggler Insects in order to effectively use them in battle.


  • Cassandra is the only known character in the entire series to have four arms.