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Night Raid[]

Bulat smiling at Tatsumi

Bulat smiling at Tatsumi.

Tatsumi: In the short time they spent together, Bulat's teachings as a mentor and friend made a significant and lasting impact on Tatsumi as an assassin. Tatsumi often recalls Bulat's lesson of not letting his emotions control him, as well as being aware of his surroundings. Bulat had seen much potential in Tatsumi while he was alive and admitted that someday Tatsumi would leave him in the dust and that he could not wait to see it.

In the anime, it was comedically implied that Bulat was attracted to Tatsumi and would draw out, repeat and echo whatever word he would say whenever he and Tatsumi and him were left alone while blushing and panting heavily as comedic relief.

However, in the manga's extra chapters, it was strongly hinted by Bulat that he indeed have a strong attraction to Tatsumi.


General Liver: The two fought together in the Southern wars and grew to respect each other to the highest extent. They knew each other better than themselves. When he was imprisoned Bulat decided to leave the military and joined the Night Raid. Unfortunately, as Liver joined the Three Beasts and Bulat joined Night Raid, the two were ultimately forced to fight during their reunion, an event which saw them both to their ends. Despite this, neither one seemed to bear any animosity towards the other as an individual and continued to retain their respect for each other right to the end.