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Bulat, also known as 100 Man-Slayer Bulat, was a member of the Revolutionary Army’s assassination group, Night Raid.


Bulat was a tall, muscular young man with blue eyes and black hair that he usually wore in a combed up, heart-shaped pompadour. Before joining Night Raid, he wore his hair down. When not wearing Incursio, he often donned a black shirt with green shoulders, chest armor and white pants with black boots. He also wore a black leather jacket on top of his usual outfit a few times.


Bulat had a calm, kind personality; although he referred to himself as passionate and hot-blooded, he never actually lost his cool in battle. He was among the most compassionate members of Night Raid and he taught Tatsumi to embrace these emotions, but not to let them consume him. Leone informed Tatsumi that Bulat was gay, to which he replied, "Don't give him the wrong idea," but did not deny Leone's statement while blushing heavily. Bulat flirted with Tatsumi on occasion, which made the latter extremely nervous.


Bulat trying to defend Liver

Bulat trying to defend Liver

Bulat was once a soldier of the Empire, having trained under Gensei, who was known as the strongest of his time, eventually becoming a high-ranking Imperial Officer who became famous and gained the nickname "100 Man-Slayer Bulat". He later betrays the Empire when his superior, General Liver was framed for not giving in to the Prime Minister's agenda. Bulat became disgusted with the Empire that cared more for bribes than merit, regardless of how hard he worked. After leaving the Empire, he joined the Revolutionary Army, and eventually its subsidiary, Night Raid. Upon joining Night Raid, Bulat had an image change, revamping himself completely. When Tatsumi joined Night Raid, Bulat took it upon himself to train the young man, serving as a big brother figure and mentor to Tatsumi. Tatsumi and Bulat eventually team up and went on a mission together to protect a civil official being targeted for assassination by the Three Beasts. During the ensuing battle between Tatsumi and Daidara, Bulat saves Tatsumi, angrily scolding him for falling into the enemy's trap, before heading into the fight himself, easily fending off the Three Beasts and even defeated Daidara at the same time, cutting him in half.

Liver, a former superior of his from the Empire, who is now in Esdeath's army, then attacked Bulat, and they fought evenly for a while. He managed to beat Liver, but in the process, was poisoned fatally. Before dying, Bulat left his Teigu Incursio to Tatsumi.


Due to the fact that only Tatsumi survived the battle with the Three Beasts and no one had seen Bulat's death, the Empire is unaware that he is dead. This was also proven by the time Wave encountered Tatsumi wearing the Incursio, the former immediately identified him as Bulat, until Esdeath discovered his true identity when Syura teleported Tatsumi and Lubbock into the palace grounds.

Bulat's death also greatly affected Tatsumi, who has engraved all of Bulat's advice into his both his mental and physical strength, adapting his fighting style into one similar to Bulat's which greatly helped Tatsumi during his battle against Budo.

Equipment and Skills[]

Physical Abilities[]

Akame Ep 1 - Bulat

Bulat throwing his spear

Arguably the strongest member of Night Raid, his strength was greatly praised by the likes of Liver and was even given special attention by Esdeath herself. Bulat is extremely skilled in both the sword and spear and has mastered the skill to take awareness of his surroundings as shown when he dealt with three powerful enemies at the same time with little difficulty. Bulat's strength and endurance were immense, enough to withstand consistent powerful attacks from Liver's Teigu, and was still physically tough enough to best Liver in a sword fight. Bulat even battled Akame, considered the Empire's strongest assassin, to a standstill, with the latter acknowledging that she would have lost the fight had it reached a conclusion.


Bulat wielded Incursio, an armor Teigu that changes form depending on the person using it. When activated, the armor has a special ability to turn the user invisible for a limited time, having mastered Incursio to its limits as he was able to call on the armor without the use of its key as well as being able to use its invisibility for long periods of time.


  • His name, Bulat, is also known as "Steel", originated from Turkic languages. Bulat steel is an old type of reinforced steel known in Russia.


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