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Great General Budo was one of the Empire's most feared and well-respected generals, as well as leading the Imperial Guard, the force in charge of protecting the royal palace. Noted for his immense strength and all-round battle prowess, he commanded a great deal of respect from his subordinates and other factions alike.


Budo is tall and muscular middle-aged man with spiky blond hair with two longer bangs resembling horns and blue eyes. He wore a black, skintight top with long sleeves, a grey (red in the manga) armor with his Teigu, Adramelech, white pants and a red cloak (white in the manga). His shoulder guards were notably large and have yellow tomoe markings on them.


Described as a man who rarely leaves the imperial training grounds, General Budo was a hardened man, with years of training and military hardship shaping him to his current state. As a general born from a celebrated lineage, Budo took great pride in his honor, and that of the Empire. Unlike most generals, he didn't affiliate himself with the Prime Minister, instead downright detesting him. He even went on to state that once the rebels were crushed, those who caused chaos within the country would incur his "wrath".

Budo was shown to be a serious man in his duties in protecting the palace and the Emperor, as he was shown to be angry when Wave and Syura almost used their Teigu to fight inside the palace and he threatened to kill them if they ever did it again, and when Syura teleported the Night Raid members into the palace to capture them, Budo punched him after their capture due to the possibility of harm coming to the Emperor from his plan and gave his promise to kill him if this was ever repeated.

Budo was shown to hold the belief that the soldiers of the Empire shouldn't be fighting each other and instead save their efforts to defeat the rebels, as shown when Wave didn't want to stop beating Syura, despite being declared the winner of the duel, Budo punched him and angrily scolded him, but then smiled as he was leaving while saying that they are both strong and should focus on stopping the rebellion instead of fighting each other.


Born into a family with many well-known generals, Budo was trained throughout his life in order to follow the demands from his family and country. Not much is known about him due to his continuous military drills and training, which rarely causes him to actually leave the training grounds.


Akame Ga Kill Zero[]

After Akame and her surviving teammates of the Elite Seven defeat and destroy the Oarburgh Clan, Budo himself personally took interest in the young assassins’ potentials and requested to the group’s leader, Gozuki to have a closer look at them, specifically Akame, who managed to defeat the Oarburgh Clan’s leader.

Accepting the opportunity, Gozuki brought Budo to the medical ward to the recovering Akame after she woke up from her coma, where he then introduced himself and shook her hand. Noticing her strong grip, despite her injuries and young age, Budo was impressed enough to personally offer to train Akame and her teammates further in combat. An offer accepted by Gozuki due to wanting to further train his children in order to level up their strength while within the Capital to keep their minds on the mission and prevent them from noticing the Empire's corruption.

Budo was then seen sparing together with Akame, Green, Tsukushi and Poney in hand-to-hand combat in the arena and was shown to be clearly impressed by their potential and skills.

Akame Ga Kill![]

Budo threatens to kill Honest after ending the rebellion

Budo tells Honest he'll eliminate the cause of corruption after dealing with the rebels

When called upon by the Prime Minister to deal with a rebel army dealing with the south, Budo swore that he would destroy the rebels. However, shortly after making that statement, Budo noted his detestment at the Empire's current state and vowed to change it by eliminating the cause of the chaos himself.

When Wave and Syura was about to fight using Teigu inside the palace, Budo stopped them and bringing them into the courtyard to settle in a more manner fight, a fist fight. Acting as a judge, he with Kurome witness the duel until Wave manages to knock Syura out, declaring Wave as a winner. Before Wave goes to beat Syura even more, he stopped Wave and punch him hard due to the duel is already finished before leaving with a smile that they should use their energy to suppress rebellion rather than fighting each other.

When Syura staged a trap for Tatsumi and Lubbock, sending both of them to the palace, Budo personally intervened and easily defeated Tatsumi before punching Syura for his actions that could have brought harm to the Emperor. Budo reappeared when Lubbock attempted to escape, preparing to kill Lubbock should Izou have failed to kill him.

Budo prepares to take on Night Raid

Budo vows to execute Night Raid

He was later assigned as one of the two executioners for Tatsumi's execution the other being Esdeath. On the day of Tatsumi's execution, Budo was once again questioned by Tatsumi about his view on the current empire with Budo insisting again that he will deal with the insurgence first before dealing with Honest. When Mine crashes the execution to rescue Tatsumi, Budo attempted to attack Mine but was overpowered by Pumpkin and was blasted off instead. Budo, however, reemerges from the rubble of rocks unfazed by Mine's attack. Calling Akame's name, Budo curses Night Raid for causing chaos in the imperial palace, vowing to execute all of them.

Advent of the Thunder Emperor

Budo uses Advent of the Thunder Emperor

Throughout the battle, Budo was able to dominate the remaining members of Night Raid, with only Tatsumi in his evolved form able to resist his lighting attacks and apply some minor damage on him. Eventually hitting the limits of his patience, Budo starts to conjure multiple lightning from his Teigu and starts to pressure Night Raid once again until Tatsumi manages to land a powerful hit each on Budo and Esdeath providing a chance for Night Raid to flee the coliseum. Budo, however, continues his pursuit on Night Raid, using his trump card Solid Shooter in an attempt to kill them, but was prevented by Mine who counters with her Pumpkin and eventually overpowers Budo after his Teigu ran out of lighting charge, incerating him with a powerful blast.

In the aftermath of the battle, Night Raid immediately spread the news of Budo's death, causing havoc to the Empire with the loss of their Great General.

Equipment and Skills[]

Budo possessed the Teigu Adramelech, which allowed him to use lightning attacks. Budo commanded equal, if not, more respect and regard than Esdeath towards fellow officials. As the Empire's former highest ranking military officer, Budo was an extremely proficient fighter. Possessing great strength and endurance, Budo could withstand attacks that would prove fatal or render a person incapacitated for a while and continue to battle. He was lighting fast, moving at great speed and being capable of fending off both Tatsumi and Leone at the same time. His skill in using his Teigu was such that he could render a pre-evolved Incursio powered Tatsumi unconscious in one blow and could use it's natural electrostatic interaction in order to fly and summon thunder clouds to complement Adramelech's natural lightning casting abilities, it's electrical discharge of which seemed to double in power the more Budo's anger rose in due time. Adramelech did have a limited amount of energy it could produce as indicated by a charge gauge adorning it, and once it runs out the efficiency of his lightning would drop dramatically. Also despite being a powerful combatant, Budo's fighting style seemed to greatly rely on strength rather that speed and technique.


Esdeath: Esdeath has been seen to sarcastically refer to him as "Old Geezer" but still held Budo in high regards and respects him due to his strength. Upon hearing his statement that he would deal with the Prime Minister once the rebellion has been suppressed, Esdeath smiled to herself stating that she looked forward to their potential battle.

Honest: Though he requires of Budo to accomplish tasks, it is made clear that their relationship was of mutual dislike, referring to him as a "Stubborn Bastard". Similarly, Budo often made offhand comments on the corruption Honest brought to the Empire.

Syura: Like Esdeath and his father, Syura held great regard for Budo's strength. He referred to Budo as "Lightning Geezer".