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The two were Bols' wife Kije and daughter Logue. Both loved him greatly and he loved them in return.


Kije had long light brown hair and purple eyes. Logue had golden blonde hair and blue eyes - both traits inherited from her father. Both wore dresses in her first appearance and black gowns with veils when visiting Bols' grave.


Both were shown to be cheerful, very loving and caring towards Bols, despite his terrifying appearance.


Not much is known about their past, but Bols mentioned trying hard to win his future wife Kije over, having been rejected by her multiple times before eventually succeeding and having a daughter with her.

One day, after Bols became a member of the Jaegers, the two came over to the palace to visit him to give him lunch on one occasion, happily reuniting with him, much to Wave's surprise who was "blinded" by their love.

Kije and Logue's lifeless bodies

After Bols' death at the hands of Chelsea, Kije and Logue visited his grave every day. The woman mentioned receiving money from Esdeath as compensation, as well as her intention on raising her daughter well. However, during one of their visits, they were found by Syura, Enshin and Champ of Wild Hunt, who proceeded to rape and brutally murder the two in front of Bols' grave. Their defiled corpses were so horrifying to look at that they had to be concealed from sight as the Imperial Police arrived on the scene of Wild Hunt's "investigation", much to Wave's horror.

Their deaths were the breaking point for Wave, who couldn't tolerate Wild Hunt's inhumane actions anymore, eventually leading to him beating up Syura as the act of defiance against the Prime Minister's son.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the anime, the two survived and were shown helping distribute food between the Capital's citizens after the revolution.