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Bolic was a spy working for Prime Minister Honest posing as a high-ranking individual of the Path of Peace. His goal was to kill the leader of the Path of Peace without revealing his true identity and take his place, so that the Empire could manipulate the religious organization for its own purposes.


Bolic was a clever man and a curious one as well. He was incredibly hedonistic, caring only for pleasure at heart, abusing and raping any person unfortunate enough to interest him.


Bolic was first seen during the reception party of the Jaegers. He called his bodyguards, the Four Rakshasa Demons, over and introduced them to the Jaegers.

After the party, he was seen using drugs to addict members of the Path of Peace, claiming that it was going to bring them "closer to the Lord", only to use them as slaves and sex toys afterward.

During the Night Raid assault on the church, Bolic was protected by Kurome and Natala. Believing that he was secure after Esdeath defeated the main force, he planned to rape the injured Leone. However, Akame and Mine arrived before Kurome could react, and Bolic was slain by Akame's Murasame after Leone grabbed him by the leg to prevent him from getting away.


Bolic was a muscular man that dressed in red and white robes belonging to a high-ranking official of the Path of Peace. He wore a large, white hat which had the symbol of the PoP on it. He had a very bulky head and had pointy, brown hair and eyes with a beard as well.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Bolic's death is altered drastically. After the defeat of Seryu Ubiquitous, Bolic flees from Esdeath's presence and rejoins with Holimaca, but is quickly ambushed by Akame and Lubbock. As Akame defeats Holimaca, Lubbock ties his strings around Bolic's neck and hangs him from the ceiling.


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