Big Leaguer
Akame Ga Kill! - Die Leaguer
Kanji/Kana 快投乱麻 ダイリーガー
Voiced by
Rōmaji Kaitō Ranma: Dairīgā
Full name Chaos Throw: Big Leaguer
Status Unused
Faction Wild Hunt (Formerly)
Revolutionary Army
User Revolutionary Soldier
Former users Champ
Abilities Elemental Release
Trump Card
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 48

Chaos Throw: Big Leaguer is a Teigu that takes the form of six floating orbs. It was formerly owned by Champ and later used by the Revolutionary Army during the final battle.


big Leaguer is a six-orb-type Teigu. Each orb is imbued with an element that activates once thrown. However, only half of them were shown. Once thrown, they will return to his hand.

The orbs' elements are the following:

  • Storm Orb: Created a large whirlwind.
  • Explosion Orb: Caused a massive explosion.
  • Flame Orb: Incinerated the victim on contact.
  • Ice Orb: Freezes any opponent it touches.
  • Lightning Orb: Stuns opponent with an electric jolt.
  • Rot Orb: Whatever it hits erodes away.

Champ also used the orbs as a shield by spinning them rapidly in a circle, which allowed him to block bullets shot at him.


  • The name of this Teigu contains a possible reference to baseball as 快投 can be interpreted as "good pitch", as well as "leaguer" referring to a sports (including baseball) league. Additionally, Champ was shown to throw his orbs in a manner similar to that of a baseball pitcher, he also wore a cap, not unlike a baseball one.
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