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The group's leader

The Bandits of the Shiranami Mountains were an infamous group which spread havoc in the outskirts of the Empire, located close to the Shiranami Mountains, hence the group's name. It included among its members those from the Northern Tribes, which added to their reputation. When the bandits attacked travelers, they usually killed the men and looted both the money and women. They would also cut the Achilles tendons of the women they abducted, rendering them unable to escape.

They attacked the caravan of the Sabatini Show, but before Sabatini and the group could defend themselves, the bandits were surprised by an attack from Akame and Tsukushi. After Akame killed its unnamed leader, Tsukushi opened fire on the rest of the group, leaving the rest of the bandits to be taken care of by the Sabatini group members.