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Members of the Ban Tribe

The Ban Tribe was a savage tribe that lived in the Southern Lands, in the south-west remote parts of the Empire, against whom they rebelled five years ago.


They had an advantage in terrain and were able to fend off the Imperial Army quite well. The Imperial Army nearly lost all morale until Honest dispatched General Esdeath and General Najenda to quickly suppress the tribe. Though at the time Esdeath wished to entertain herself in overcoming the challenges the Ban Tribe's territory had to offer, she had to follow orders. Using her Teigu powers, she created a bridge across the water, bypassing all the obstacles the Ban Tribe laid before them, striking their enemy at its heart. The Ban Tribe was taken by surprise and ultimately annihilated by Esdeath's troops. Those that survived suffered a fate worse than death; Esdeath ordered her men to engage in all acts of debauchery and sadism against the tribal women, who were raped before the eyes of the captive men and children. She allowed the remaining warriors to live so that they would live in shame and hopefully attempt another uprising for her to enjoy. The horrible nightmare of the Ban Tribe was the impetus that resulted in Najenda's defection from the corrupt Empire.

One of the Ban Tribe's surviving members, Henter, was at some point killed and reanimated by Kurome to serve her as her puppet in battles against her enemies.