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Bach was a former slave-turned-slave broker living in the Capital of the Empire.


Bach was a tall and slim young man with short blond hair and amber eyes. He wore a pinstripe white shirt under a orange tie and suit, as well black pants with suspenders. On his chest, he had a tattoo of the Empire's coat of arms that he used to be a slave.


While initially appearing kind, Bach was in truth a heartless man that only cared about money. He claimed that there was a reason for him turning to human trafficking since he himself had been a slave before.


Bach bought three young girls, Air, Fal and Luna from an unnamed village which was deeply in debt due to the overtaxation caused by the Empire. He was initially portrayed as a kind and caring master, allowing the girls to buy clothes with an allowance of money that he gave them. Later, he was revealed to have a sinister agenda, reselling the girls to a group of "Enthusiasts" who enjoyed torturing young women and feeling no pity over their suffering. After Air contacted Leone, Night Raid was contracted to kill Bach and the Enthusiasts.

Bach was eventually killed by Akame, who cut him down despite his protests, even going as far showing his slave brand on his chest to justify his reasons.