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Babara Oarburgh was a character introduced in Akame ga Kill! Zero. She was an assassin hired by the Revolutionary Army.


Babara was an older woman with gray hair and purple eyes. She wore purple clothes and a purple hat. On her left hand, Babara wore a metal glove. She claimed to have been beautiful when she was young and it is true, as shown in a flashback by Daniel reminiscing about her.


Babara was a rather bloodthirsty and violent person. Her presence and aura even intimidated the mercenaries she had to work with. She was calm most of the time and seemed to genuinely care for her young disciples. During missions, she would sometimes pose as a friendly old lady. She enjoyed talking about her past. She refused to die helplessly and committed suicide instead.

Despite her violent behavior, she could also make some jokes as she teased Chelsea to make her dinner when she was disguised under Gaea Foundation's effect as a local bird.

Babara is shown to be annoyed at Merraid making love with female members of the Oarburgh Clan and not taking their profession seriously, warning her not go overboard with her passions or else it would be her downfall.


A member of the Oarburgh Clan, Babara is an extremely famous assassin, whose name is well known by those involved in the field of assassinations. She is usually seen traveling with Taeko and Chelsea, both of whom are serving as her disciples.

She was once mentioned to be beautiful in her young age.

She later engages Najasho, Green and Guy in battle before Gozuki arrives as the two engages in a battle that resulted in Babara being cut by Murasame. Near her death, Babara detonated herself as a final attempt to kill the four people present but to no avail.


Due to being trained by the Oarburgh Clan since her youth, Barbara has displayed superhuman levels of speed, strength, endurance and durability despite already being in her old age as seen when she was able to easily keep up and come close to killing three members of the Elite Seven and would have likely killed them if not for the intervention of Gozuki and later Babra displayed her immense physical endurance and durability, when despite being cut and poisoned by the Teigu Murasame, she was still able to move her body and detonate herself in a last ditch effort to kill her targets.

Babara's body is also has resistance to over 600 types of poison in her body.


Babara is one of the oldest surviving members of the Oarburgh Clan and the most veteran in terms of raw experience due to her advanced age, with Babra herself acting as the personal consultant to the Current Leader of the clan on both personal and professional matters regarding the clan and its members. Due to her immense experience, Babara has shown displayed several abilities only obtain through raw experience, having been able to calmly analyze, plan and keep a sound mind in even in the most dire of situations, easily analyze her opponents strengths and weaknesses in mid battle and was able to easily out maneuver and defeat someone who is superior to her in physical power by outwitting them. Another ability given due to her immense experience in battle and assassination is Barbara’s immensely honed intuition and instincts, as seen when she immediately identify Gozuki as a fellow assassin after only a single glance and gauge the inborn combat potentials of TaekoNajashoGreen, and Guy moments after meeting them.


Babara has also displayed immense skill in acting, as seen where she was able to easily put on a facade of a kind elderly old woman to effectively fool her targets. Her acting skills having been shown to be great enough to fool members of the Elite Seven, having easily slip past and fool Guy, Green and Najasho's honed intuition and guard to successfully ambush them.


Babra also possess a crystal ball like explosive that can be detonated by her by biting down on it.

Knife Fighting[]

During actual Battle, Babara's main form of combat is using a pair of kitchen knives in battle, having shown herself to be extremely skilled in their use to the point that she could easily battle three members of the Elite Seven and completely hold the advantage over them despite being outnumbered three to one and their usage of Shingu. And later she was able to fight Gozuki, a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons with ease and come dangerously close to killing him if not for his Teigu.