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These two were Aria's parents and a very wealthy and well-respected family in the Capital of the Empire. Posing as humanitarians, their true nature was vile and sadistic.


Coming from a wealthy family, both enjoyed a luxurious style of life. The father was often seen wearing pricey suits, while the mother donned silk dresses.


When deceiving their guests, both were presented as well-mannered, humble and affectionate people. However, their true nature was vile and sadistic, as they took pleasure, along with their daughter, in torturing and killing naive and trustworthy citizens that they took in, predominately people from the countryside who sought out a better life in the Capital. Aria's mother thoroughly described their methods of torture that were used on their victims as an evening hobby, which she very much enjoyed.


At some point before the start of the series, Aria's parents took in Sayo and Ieyasu as their guests by Aria where the two were later brutally tortured and infected by Lubora disease that eventually killed Sayo and left Ieyasu still alive through his willpower.

When Tatsumi was taken in by Aria, her parents welcomed him into their residence. The following evening, Aria's family and their guards were targeted under a contract hit by Night Raid. The mother was bisected by Sheele and the father had his neck broken by Leone.