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Aria was a wealthy girl whom Tatsumi met in the Capital of the Empire. She harbored a dark family secret, despite her kind and cute appearance.


Aria was a cute, young girl. She had blonde, shoulder-length hair topped with a fluffy, light blue accessory and blue eyes. She wore a white, long-sleeved shirt with a light blue ribbon on her neck. Above her shirt, she wore a sleeveless, light blue dress with a black bodice and white frills. Aria also wore a pair of white boots.


Aria initially appeared to be a very kind, optimistic and caring girl, but this was just to disguise her true nature. In reality, like her parents, she was murderous, cruel, maniacal, ruthless, twisted and sadistic, enjoying picking on peasants, and then painfully torturing them until they died. Aria was also quite manipulative, petty, deceptive, and hypocritical; with a sweet and friendly look, she tricked her guests, and also had a hated for Sayo due to her hairstyle, which was the main drive for her torture.



Aria invites Tatsumi to her home

Aria was a girl from the Capital that offered Tatsumi a place to stay when she found him on the streets after being conned by Leone. She came from a wealthy family and had a habit of offering strays a place to stay in her mansion. She then introduces Tatsumi to her parents who agrees to help Tatsumi find his friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, who were separated from him.

The next day, Aria had Tatsumi helped her in her shopping with her guards and by the night time of the same day, Night Raid came to attack her house as Aria and one of the guards tries to hide in their "storehouse" as Tatsumi manages to find her with Akame arriving shortly after. Tatsumi then attempts to defend for Aria, unaware of Aria's true nature until Leone reveals the contents of her household's "storehouse" as Tatsumi looks on in surprise as he finds his friends in there as well. A weakened Ieyasu then told Tatsumi that Aria was the one who tortured Sayo to death.

Tatsumi killing Aria

Aria killed by Tatsumi

Upon seeing her true nature was revealed, Aria admitted to taking part in her family's deplorable acts as she saw peasants as livestock. She also reveals she tortured Sayo because of her jealousy at her smooth flowing hair while hers was giving her trouble. Learning the truth of how Aria and her family had an interest of luring people from the country to their place and torturing them to death, Night Raid, having already killed her parents, prepared to fulfill their contract.

However, before Leone or Akame could act, an enraged Tatsumi stopped them as the two believed he would still protect her but he instead approached Aria and swiftly killed the girl with a single slash to the abdomen. Witnessing this, Ieyasu was pleased at one last pleasant sight and thanked Tatsumi before he died of his torture.