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Arathi is a Gravekeeper who appeared in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero.


Arathi was a tall, muscular man with long, light hair, wore a headband and markings on his face. He wore a long scarf and a black jacket. When using the Gravekeepers' secret arts, he gained monstrous nails and long, porcupine-like quills extending from his hair.


Arathi was a sadistic man, enjoying playing with his opponents. This was noted to be his downfall.


He was one of the Gravekeepers who fought the Group of Terror. He had killed a comrade of Kurome's named Barle beforehand with his secret arts. He fights Kurome and her group, but ultimately allowed his playfulness to overcome him and was stabbed in the back at the hands of Kurome.


As a member of the Gravekeepers, Arathi could use the Gravekeepers' secret arts which allowed him to transform a part of his body into that of a Danger Beast.

The secret arts (porcupine skills) allowed him to fire needles from his hair.


  • Arathi's name literally translates to "storm". This translation is used as his official name in the English volumes.