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Amuria was a member of the Sabatini Show troupe which worked undercover for the Revolutionary Army.


Amuria was a young woman with long dark-colored hair. She wore a revealing light-colored shirt with decorations on the shoulders along with a miniskirt, and a hair accessory in a form of a small hat.


Amuria was cheerful and kind. She was happy to befriend and encourage Akame and Tsukushi and treat them to meals, even letting Akame have a second serving.


Amuria worked as a traveling performer along with her troupe while also gathering evidence against the Empire for the Revolutionary Army. One day, the troupe picked up Akame and Tsukushi, who started working as a part of their show and proved to be successful. A month later, the troupe was attacked by the Bandits of the Shiranami Mountains during their travels, and after Akame and Tsukushi skillfully dealt with the enemies, Sabatini revealed his group's true purpose to the girls. However, as he offered them to join their cause, Amuria worried that the two would be too young to understand it - only to be shot by Tsukushi, who revealed herself to be one of the Empire's assassins.