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Amateru is a Commander of the Tenrou nation, one of the highest ranks of Tenrou nation, Commander of the Eastern Army. She is a member of the Ten Stars of Tenrou.


Ammateru has long black hair that reaches her back that is tied. She wears two-piece clothing.


She's shown to have a strong sense of loyalty to her king, country and comrades, and at first is shown to be a kind and sensitive woman seeing as how she comforted her fellow general Yomihime about her defeat and failure to capture Soukai, and loss of her underling, Kyoukotsu, and even shed tears at his death and lamented the loss of his potential he could have brought to their country,she also displayed a vengeful side seeing as how she immediately wanted to plan how to avenge his death with Yomihime. Like the rest of her comrades and country men she's displayed a rather violent and nonchalant disregard for life, seeing as how she casually explained/showed how she severed two severed heads into two halves then knitted them together, before casually showing off  her handywork.


Amateru similar to her fellow Ten Stars member, Shamon; she was raised in a temple and raised in nature. Though unknown, she eventually became highly skilled in combat and eventually garnered the attention of Zuou and was admitted as a member of the Ten Stars and placed as the Commander of Tenrou Eastern Armies.

Skills and Equipment[]

Amateru was noted by the Elder to be extremely skilled and deadly in combat,having been noted to have a "otherworldly" aura about her and was noted by him to have slaughtered and massacred hundreds of soldiers on her own.


As one of the Ten Stars of the Tenrou Nation, Amateru was likely given her own high grade Meihou weapon made from the components obtained from a powerful Freak.

Scythe Master[]

Amateru has been shown to wield a scythe Meiho created from the body of a unknown "Freak" and has been shown to be extremely skilled in its usage.