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Akugetsu is Commander of the Tenrou Nation, holding one of the highest ranks of Tenrou nation Commander. He is a member of the Ten Stars of Tenrou with responsibility as a strategist for Tenrou Nation.




Skills and Equipment[]

As one of the Ten Stars of the infamous warmongering Tenrou Nation, Akugetsu is one of the most skilled and talented person within the Nation and has greatly contributed to the expansion and conquest of the nation.

Tactical Genius[]

Akegetsu is known to be an exceptionally skilled and talented Strategist and Political Planner. With him having displayed immense skill and talent in several field relating to strategy, as seen where he showed immense talent in War Tactics, Invasion Planning, Strategic Finesse, Political Manipulation, Strategy, Economy and Foreign Relationship and is the one mainly in charge of using and plotting more subtle approaches in dealing with the Tenrou Nation's conquest of its neighbors.

This is seen where he had already created a flawless plot to undermine the Tenrou's nations enemy nations by causing internal strife in its enemy nations by destabilizing its economies and is Zuou's main adviser in both internal and external political matters of the country.

Akugetsu was also shown working together with Shamon in planning the Tenrou Nation's future war plans and invasions into enemy nation, hinting that he also works closely with him in planning the Tenrou nations invasion movements and its political ramification with its neighbors.