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Akame ga Kill! Original Soundtrack 2

Akame ga Kill! Original Soundtrack 2 (アカメが斬る! オリジナルサウンドトラック2) is the second soundtrack album for the Akame ga Kill! anime series. It was released in Japan on March 18, 2015 and contains a single disc. Its runtime is 53 minutes and 21 seconds. It was published by TOHO animation RECORDS and distributed by TOHO.


Catalog No.: THCA-60049
JAN/ISBN: 4988104079497


Disc 1[]

Official English titles translated by Sentai Filmworks are used for the songs.
  1. Looking Up at the Sky (空を見ていた, Sora o Miteita)
  2. Adramelech (アドラメレク, Adramelech)
  3. Warning (見せしめ, Miseshime)
  4. Akame x Kurome (アカメ×クロメ, Akame × Kurome)
  5. Shcowtaser (シコウテイザー, Shikoutazer)
  6. Love for a Friend (仲間の想い, Nakama no Omoi)
  7. Murasame (ムラサメ, Murasame)
  8. Akame x Esdeath (アカメ×エスデス, Akame × Esdeath)
  9. Seeing Everyone (みんなと逢える, Minna to Aeru)
  10. United Front (共闘, Kyoutou)
  11. Tears (涙, Namida)
  12. Kurome (クロメ, Kurome)
  13. The Unchanging Past (変わることのない過去, Kawaru Koto no Nai Kako)
  14. Path of Peace (安寧道, Anneidou)
  15. Unrest (不穏, Fuon)
  16. Impressions (印象, Inshou)
  17. Giant Dangerous Beast (巨大危険種, Kyodai Kikenshu)
  18. Demon's Extract (デモンズエキス, Demon's Extract)
  19. Confrontation (対峙, Taiji)