If you wish to clarify something about our policy or add something to it, contact these individuals:

  1. NewGenTV Bureaucrat
  2. Munchvtec Bureaucrat
  3. RCM9698 Admin
  4. KazioKaziowski Chat and Discussions Moderator
  5. Kuja9001 Rollback

We advise you to thoroughly read and follow these rules before editing, especially in the field that you wish to contribute.

Article Guidelines

  • Veracity: Be discrete in your contributions, always add legitimate information. Be sure to check the information you wish to add to an article, it might already exist in it. Each section of the page is devoted to summarize one thing, therefore don't add a character's appearance in the story section.
  • Source your Information: Please provide us with some evidence to prove your statements. If we cannot source them, they'll have to be removed. For more information, visit Citing sources.
  • Proper Grammar: Do your best to edit articles with proper English grammar and spelling. Use source editor to check your spelling. All forms of English, such as American, Australian, British, etc, are allowed.
  • New Articles and Categories: Feel free to create articles for missing characters, chapters, etc. but if you're looking to expand on something specific, please run it by our administrators.
  • Other Languages: Information from this wiki is also available in other languages, such as its Spanish counterpart. You can find these links at the bottom of every page. If there isn't a wiki available in your native language, feel free to create and interlink it with this one, for the purpose of expanding our community to a greater audience.
  • Limit your Summary: Don't be redundant when summarizing events. Be brief in your descriptions and don't capitalize too much on small factors.
  • Links: Don't duplicate links in one section. For more information about linking, visit this page.
  • Neutrality: Don't pick sides or be one-minded when adding additional info, be neutral by only providing your information and making it as explicit as possible without any bias whatsoever.
  • Third Person: Always edit in third person and don't refer directly to the reader and especially yourself.
  • No Speculation: Do not add speculation to articles if an event or a character's fate is left undisclosed. Feel free to discuss about them on the wiki's forum or the selected article's talk page, but don't include it onto articles as a legit information, even with believable arguments as sources.
  • Rumors: Any kind of rumors circling around the internet should not by classified as legitimate information, unless proven otherwise.
  • Trivia: Specific information that does not fit anywhere else on the article should be placed under the Trivia section. This can be many things; the writer's inspiration for a certain design, references to other media, etc. Something that's rather obvious or redundant won't be accepted as adequate content.
  • Editing Reasons: State your reasons for editing an article in "Edit Summary" box for easier reviewing.
  • Edit Wars: Don't start edit wars on pages by constantly reverting back your edits, forcing them after someone had previously removed them, etc. If there's a disagreement between users, open up a thread, start a discussion on a forum or on the article's talk page. Always feel free to inform an admin or ask for their assistance if the situation gets out of hand.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban, immediately. The following acts are considered as vandalism:
    • Removing legitimate content from pages.
    • Inserting nonsense, gibberish, profanity, spam and unrelated information onto pages.
    • Rewriting an article's content from English to another language (For more information, see Other Languages rule above).

File Guidelines


  • Quality: Every image should be captured at highest quality possible. Blurry, distorted, pixelated and similar images are not allowed and will be removed without question. Manga images cannot contain any text within speech bubbles.
  • Resolution: Images should always be uploaded in high resolution; screenshots from the anime should be at 720p or above. Anything lower than the available capture will be removed.
  • Clarity: Images should never have logos, watermarks or anything similarly attached to them. Rather, it should be a clear shot, displaying a character, an object, a situation, etc.
  • Format: Most image files should be in standard .png file format for better viewing purposes. We suggest you convert from whatever format it may be into the commonly used one before uploading.
  • Usage: Don't upload images that are not going to be used in an article. If you wish to use an image for your profile or a discussion that cannot be placed on the wiki, upload it to an external site. Websites like Photobucket are free and easy to use.
  • Irrelevance: Photos that are not in any way related to Akame ga Kill! will be immediately removed. This also includes any sort of modified and distorted images from the source material and fan art. Galleries are also required to have minimal amount of images that showcase important details from the series. Having said this, excessive photos that serve no purpose other than showcasing a character, object, event, etc. from different point of view and/or angles will be removed.
  • Duplicates: Please check if the image you wish to upload already exists, by having a look at the galleries related to the character, situation or anything else yours depict. Otherwise, please refer to Special:FileDuplicateSearch, a page dedicated to finding the duplicates of files already uploaded.
  • Naming: Each image should have a short title that briefly indicates the current situation in it, excruciably long and/or unorganized titles will have to be changed.
  • Subtitles: Images cannot contain any subtitles.
  • GIFs: GIFs are not to be uploaded unless there's a specific scene within the anime that cannot be properly captured. Smooth GIFs are preferred for the comfort of readers.
  • Exceptions: There are exceptions to the previously mentioned rules, if images don't have a possible clear shot and are not available in higher quality nor resolution. Few examples would include images provided by authors, various news articles, logos, icons, etc.


Videos should generally be trailers and previews. Excerpts, AMVs, full episodes, etc. are not allowed.

Blogs, Forums and Commenting

  • Content: Don't have one-liner blogs nor forums. Make your discussions more substantial. Don't use blogs for your personal introductions and keep them relevant to Akame ga Kill!. See this blog for an example.
  • Limitations: Discussions that revolve around already existing or already closed topics, far-fetched theories and questioning even if the information has been confirmed by the developers will be removed.
  • Relation to the Story: Theories are always welcomed, but keep your speculations within the spectrum of common sense, and related to the story. Otherwise, they will get removed.
  • Commenting and Talk Pages: Due to massive abuse and spamming problems, we were forced to remove comment sections from articles. Users can still comment on blogs and can use Talk Pages to discuss and share their thoughts on the subject. Please look up how to use Talk Pages if you're not familiar with them. Inappropriate content placement will be removed and in some extreme cases, the contributor might get permanently blocked. This also goes for anyone that acts violently in a forum, chat or a talk page.
  • Quoting: Rather than quoting someone's entire post, simply write [@User's Name here] to refer to a specific user (if more than two parties are present) or only quote the part you wish to address on a thread or a message wall using the tag <div class="quote">.
  • Pyramids: Do not create pyramids when using talk pages. Click "Show" to see the following example.

User Rights and Policies

  • Profiles: Contributors can decorate their user pages with images from this wiki and add a quick summary about them, their interest, thoughts and opinions. These are the following actions that you're not allowed to do on a user page:
    • You're not allowed to edit other people's profiles.
    • You're not allowed to discriminate and insult anyone or anything on your profile.
    • You're not allowed to upload images that are in no relation with this wiki to your profile.
    • You're not allowed to upload images for the sole use on your profile.
    • You're not allowed to role-play on your profile. You are, however, allowed to center your profile around the character you favor.
  • Naming: Contributors can name their accounts whatever they please, as long as its appropriate. You can also name your account after one of the characters, but you're forbidden to roleplay.
  • No Role-Playing: You can base your profile around the characters you favor, but you're not allowed to portray them in chat, blog, forum and on a profile. You cannot write fan fiction anywhere on this wiki. Instead, we suggest you go over to our AgK! Fanon wiki if you wish to write stories and alternate plot-lines.
  • Appropriate Behavior: This goes without saying, but we'd still like to remind you to act civilized and have proper discussions with one another. Any excessive, over-the-top or egotistical behavior won't be overlooked, may it be towards an administrator like an anonymous contributor - everyone deserves respect.
  • Abusive Language: You're not allowed to insult anyone. Anyone caught doing so will receive a warning followed by a ban if the guilty party fails to comply. It may be overlooked if the other parties involved see it as humor.
  • Humor: Any forms of humor and humoristic behaviors are allowed—but there is a clear line between humor and incivility that must not be crossed. Violating rules under the guise of humor, and other inappropriate actions will be rewarded with a permanent ban.
  • Spamming: Spamming is considered anything that's repetitive or overly used. This also includes trolling, writing nonsense, gibberish, etc. If you forgot to mention something during a discussion, simply edit your post and add the missing content.
  • Advertising: Do not advertise any products unrelated to Akame ga Kill!.
  • Piracy: We don't support pirating of any kind, whether it be software or media related, and will ban anyone on sight who does so on this wiki. Sharing pirated content applies to this rule as well and users doing so will be considered the same according to the Californian Penal Code § 653h.
  • Suspicious External Linking: Any external link, redirecting to a potential malware or adware, a screamer or jumpscare, and/or to explicit content will be removed, and the user responsible for it will be banned.
  • Anonymous Users: Due to frequent spam and vandalism from anonymous users, we were forced to permanently disable their edits. From this point, users are required to be logged in if they wish to participate on the wiki. Anyone who doesn't have an account can make one within a minute for free.
  • Applying for Administration: Submissions for administration are not required, as the active bureaucrats are the ones to promote dedicated and active contributors to system operators, if the situation ever requires more. Admin's only additional duty is to keep the wiki safe from spam, vandalism and abusive or inappropriate behavior. Every user has equal rights and is able to contribute as much as they wish.
  • Acceptance of Opinions: Each person has their own preference and propensity towards something or someone and they're to be respected. If you disagree with them, start a discussion. Any violence and aggression towards someone will be met with either temporarily or a permanent ban.
  • Assume good faith: Most people want to help expand or fix an article. Don't assume from the start that it was an act of malice (unless there's clear evidence of this), but rather inform the user of their mistakes or attempt to fix them yourself. Always welcome a new user, make them feel at home. Acknowledge their contributions and assistance by thanking them for their work and the time they took out of their day to help. Always be patient with users who are new to the wiki or are not familiar with our policies. For more information, visit Assuming Good Faith page.

Blocking Policy

When a certain amount of chaos erupts on the wiki, administrators have no choice but to block users for violating or not following our rules and guidelines. Depending on how severe and malicious their actions were, the greater the punishment. Banishment can go from a short and temporary ban to a permanent one. We only give three strikes:

  1. A notice indicating to contributor's mistakes and a warning of further consequences.
  2. A short-term ban if the user does not comply with our terms.
  3. A permanent ban if there's no reasoning with the user.
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