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Kurome: Akame's little sister. Both she and Kurome were sold to the Empire by their parents when they were little and were trained to be assassins. However, her sister was not in the top 7 assassins, presumably due to their bond as siblings. Kurome is both the person she loves the most and the person whom she wishes to kill the most ever since Kurome decided to stay with the Empire when Akame defected to Night Raid. Although as children, both were much closer and were seen doing many things together, as their separation greatly affected them, not wanting to be separated. Their initial standing is hostile and remains so for a bulk of the series; however, as time goes on, Wave becomes more of a positive influence on her and eventually changes her stand to wanting to stop Akame, while still believing Night Raid are a malevolent group. Once Wave saves Kurome, the siblings are at last able to bond again, saying that they would love to be proper sisters to each other again, shortly before parting ways.

Wave: Akame regarded Wave simply as an initially, albeit a highly threatening enemy, landing the first clear and hard hit on her in their first battle against each other, with two allies beside her. When they face off against each other, she decides he could be appealed to and stops the fight to talk to him about his stance with the Empire and Kurome, feeling he is a good person deep down. Wave, in return, starts thinking that she's an awful sister for running for the option of killing Kurome in an attempt to save her, but doesn't fight her, wanting the sisters to be together again. Once Wave shatters Akame's illusion that Kurome could not be saved and eventually does so himself, the two start to have a more respectful relationship.

Night Raid[]

Tatsumi: Akame is initially indifferent towards Tatsumi, refusing to share meat with him until he officially joins Night Raid. Though she often hides her emotion, she worries about him while he is away on missions. Tatsumi vows to never put her through the pain of losing him. Akame herself states to Tatsumi, that just like everyone else in Night Raid, he is a valuable friend and that she will always be there to save him in his time of need. Tatsumi is one of the main members of Night Raid that Akame is closest to.

Leone and Akame in the hotsprings

Akame and Leone relaxing

Leone: Akame and Leone appear to be good friends (Leone even considers Akame to be her best friend), but their relationship is sometimes used for comical effect, as seen when Leone punches her when she comments on the difference in their weight. Leone tells Akame that she is her best friend shortly before parting ways, whereas she dies afterwards.

Najenda: Akame is trusted by the boss enough to be left in charge of Night Raid during her absence. Although they aren't shown socializing often, it is known that Najenda herself persuaded Akame to defect from the Empire and join the Revolutionary Army and Night Raid.

Elite Seven[]

Tsukushi: Akame and Tsukushi were best friends during their time in the Elite Seven. Tsukushi tried to comfort Akame when she was distraught over Martha's and later Cornelia's death. They also occasionally slept together. Akame was forced to kill her while attempting to flee the Empire with Kurome, later mourning her death in the care of Night Raid.

Green: Akame is aware that Green is in love with her, but doesn't return his feelings. She does value him as a friend and comrade. Green's death affected Akame greatly due to his feelings for her, and would avenge him by killing Mashiro. Akame would even mention him in the current series few times, but only mentioning him as a friend.

Cornelia: Akame appreciated Cornelia's caring personality and called her "Corey". Akame was very distraught about Cornelia's death and even cried openly.

Najasho: Akame respected Najasho's abilities and leadership. She appreciated that he tried to cheer her up after Martha's death. Later, Najasho returns under the new identity of Nahashu, a Ten Star Tenrou Commander leading in guerrilla warfare, and both have a brief fight when Akame was about to assassinate Zuou. Later, both reunite again at Tenrou as Najasho is now one of Akame's priorities to regain his memories after his disappearance.

Guy: Akame didn't like Guy's perverted antics and even kicked him in the face when he tried to see up her skirt. She later avenged his death by killing Weneg.

Poney: Akame and Poney don't interact often, but they seem to get along well and briefly teamed up while teasing Tsukushi in a hot spring. During reunion at Tenrou, she finds out that Poney is working at Najasho's estate at Tenrou, prompting Poney to lend Akame assistance once more to regain Najasho's memories and assist her in her quest.

Gozuki: Akame seemed to respect him and even called him father like the rest of the Elite Seven. However, Gozuki noted that she doesn't adore him like the other female members of the Elite Seven. Akame would eventually kill him and defect from the Empire.


Merraid Oarburgh: Akame was captured by Merraid and began to see the true corruption of the empire afterwards. Merraid tried to get Akame to switch factions by means of seduction. Merraid stole Akame's first kiss, and many kisses afterwards. It was also strongly hinted that Akame was sexually molested by the Oarburghs. Akame did not reciprocate Merraid's feelings and tried to use the sexual encounter as an opportunity to kill her. When Akame attempted to kill Merraid by biting her tongue off, Merraid was able to avoid it and told Akame that because Akame relied more on her sword for assassinations' and not the art of seduction as a means of murder, she could tell right away that Akame was not committed to the experience and was about to kill her for the attempt on her life. In the end after Merraid was defeated, she asked Akame to undress as a final request as she was dying. Akame then told Merraid that they were both friends and foes, then proceeded to undress for her out of respect for her, killing her by slitting her throat afterwards. Despite the fact that Akame did not return Merraid's affections, she at least respected her.

Soukai Nation[]

Hinata: Akame was indebted to Hinata after she rescued Akame from the beach she washed ashore after her ship was destroyed. As a token of gratitude, Akame taught her swordsmanship. When Hinata was promoted to Captain, Akame joined her unit as an assassin, and she allowed her to do as she pleased according to her specialty.

Strange Elder: Akame respects Strange Elder for allowing her to join his class under Hinata's recommendation. She was indebted to him when he procures the medicine to ease down Murasame's curse for a short amount of time. In exchange, she attends the class and giving the combat skill practice especially to Hinata

Tenrou Nation[]

Yomihime: Akame manages to intercept Yomihime from slaying Hinata in time during the battle of Mt. Kageboshi. The duel ends in Akame's victory by forcing her to retreat. Yomihime vow vengeance for this and later, both are reunited again at Shiranui Fortress to resume the duel once again. Albeit Yomihime shares the same trait as Lord of Peace because of Danger-Beast blood runs in her vein, Akame manages to force her to retreat after she was unable to control her power properly.