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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

After Tatsumi's capture and Lubbock's death in an attempt to infiltrate the royal palace, Akame and the rest of the remaining Night Raid members heard news of their comrade about to be executed tomorrow meant to demoralize the Revolutionary Army.

In support of Mine's decision to rescue Tatsumi, Akame, Leone, and Susanoo participated the emergency rescue mission planned by Najenda where the former Imperial Assassin fought with the guards to retrieve Incursio while the others battle Esdeath and Budo to free Tatsumi.

When the rescue was successful at the cost of Mine's life, Akame and the remaining Night Raid members leave after Susanoo stayed behind to hold off Esdeath before his eventual defeat and death in their battle.

Later, Akame received a coded message from her sister Kurome to meet with her at the church where they first became enemies after choosing their sides. There, they talk about their past, recalling memories of being together among friends, and killing people deemed a threat to the Empire before Akame chose to join Night Raid in opposition against the Empire. Before they started killing each other to settle matters once and for all, a Danger Beast from one of Dr. Stylish's experiments appeared all of a sudden and was on the rampage, forcing the sisters to work together in order to defeat it.

After they defeated the Danger Beast, the sisters resumed their death match although Tatsumi and Wave arrived on the scene and tried to stop it. Regardless, the fight continued on and Akame finally killed Kurome, finally ending their sibling blood feud. After Wave left with his comrade's body, Akame broke into tears in Tatsumi's arms, feeling grief and regret for killing her sister.

Deciding to settle things once and for all, Akame participates in Night Raid's last mission to infiltrate the royal palace and kill Prime Minister Honest while Najenda leads the Revolutionary Army to attack the Capital. Once inside, they dealt with many of the guards and left Leone to handle Run to continue with their mission. In the throne room, the Night Raid members confronted the child Emperor, Honest and the Imperial Guards of late Great General Budo where the Shikoutazer was unleashed and brought forth massive destruction and casualties throughout the Capital. As Tatsumi and Wave, who finally saw the error in and of the Empire's ways, fought against the child Emperor's Teigu, Akame battled the Imperial Guards and defeated them with ease before witnessing Incursio's evolutionary change. Tatsumi defeats the Emperor, but he dies after saving the surviving civilians from the fallen Shikoutazer he just destroyed, Akame cried in grief, berating him for not being able to keep his promise to stay alive.

Turning around to see Esdeath after hearing her words about Tatsumi's death, Akame demands her surrender, but the Empire's strongest General refused. Witnessing Esdeath taking out multiple Revolutionary soldiers, Akame begins their last battle, declaring that Esdeath must die for the sake for the world's peace. Throughout the fight, the two women are almost evenly matched although Esdeath had the upper hand, forcing Akame to resort to her Teigu's trump card as she cuts herself with Murasame to gain a strength and speed boost while fighting off the poison to even the odds. When Esdeath used her trump card to freeze Akame and proceeded to kill her while in frozen state, it was revealed to be an afterimage of Esdeath's bloodlust and Akame, who quickly dodged her trump card, quickly cut her down, sealing her victory over the Empire's strongest warrior. Exhausted and wounded after her victory, Akame witnessed Esdeath in her dying moments walk towards Tatsumi's corpse and cuddle him before freezing them both. As their bodies shattered and vaporized into the skies, Akame tells Esdeath that what she doesn't understand was her feelings for Tatsumi.

In the aftermath of the Revolutionary Army's total victory with the death of Honest, Akame made her farewells with Leone, who was fatally wounded by Honest in a successful attempt to kill him and later died at the street alleys where she grew up in, and with Najenda, who now dedicated her efforts to rebuild the country from scratch. Akame also volunteered to shoulder all the crimes and blame on Night Raid in order to soothe public opinion and left to parts unknown.

At some point after that, Akame is seen wandering in a desert location where she encounters dangerous mercenaries and bandits as she begins to battle them with her Teigu.