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Air was one of three girls who were sold to Bach, due to their village being deeply in debt by the overtaxation of the Empire.


Air had long, pink hair with her bangs hanging just above her pink eyes. She wore a pink raincoat with a matching hat and boots.


Air was a kind girl who cared about her friends a lot, even going as far as asking Night Raid to avenge them after they were killed. She also seemed somewhat shy. She apparently had enough mental fortitude to formulate a revenge plan against the men who were responsible for her friends' death, despite going through torture and humiliation herself.


When Air, Fal and Luna first arrived in the Capital, they dreamed of having a kind master who they would work under as apprentices. Sadly, this was not the case, as Bach sold them out to a sadistic group of "Enthusiasts" who subjected them to gruesome tortures. Air was forcibly violated by the pet dog of one of the enthusiasts. After a week of this cruelty, Air was able to survive when she started acting like a loyal dog before her master, even earning his adoration, although Fal and Luna died gruesomely. Air was eventually allowed outside, where she contacted Leone, begging Night Raid to kill the Enthusiasts. After Night Raid's task was done, Air was seen sitting on the streets of the Empire, committing suicide via poison.