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Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech was an Elemental-type Teigu in the form of two gauntlets that gave its users the ability to create, shape and manipulate electricity. It was owned by the highest ranking official in the Imperial Army, Great General Budo. They were presumably destroyed during Budo's battle against Night Raid.


Adramelech was a Teigu that gave the user the ability the ability to create, shape and manipulate electricity. The user could use lightning as a weapon in both offense and defense. Budo was able to create a large, electric orb that could be shot as a projectile, as well as beams of electricity. Adramelech could also be used in manipulating the weather. With the use of the Teigu, Budo could generate a thunderstorm and call forth lightning to strike down anyone he wanted. He had also shown the ability to float in midair and fly by charging himself with electricity. In the manga, the color of the lightning changes to black depending on the charged energy. Adramelech was also fitted with a scope to use with its trump card, Solid Shooter and a charge meter.


  • Lightning Crash (雷斗刃駆粉砕 Raitoningu Kurasshu): After manipulating the weather to create a thunderstorm, user summons charged lightning from sky towards to their target. This ability is strong enough to kill a Danger Beast easily.
  • Advent of Thunder Emperor (雷帝招来 Raitei Shōrai): By charging high amounts of energy, the user manipulates the weather to summon several pillars of lightning which pierces through earth instantly.
  • Flight: Aldramelech can be used to charge its wearer with electricity in order to obtain aviation, capable of flight fast enough to chase down an airborne Danger Beast from a good distance away.

Trump Card[]

  • Solid Shooter (ソリッドシューター Soriddo Shūtā): The trump card of Adramelech. By charging huge amounts of electrical energy, the user fires a black-colored powerful electric beam. In the anime, this ability was like Budo's electricity orb attack.



  • Adramelech is a form of sun god related to Moloch.
  • Adramelech's lightning abilities might have been inspired by Adrammelech from Final Fantasy. In this setting, Adrammelech is depicted as the Esper of Lightning. Additionally, Budo's Solid Shooter bares some resemblance to Adrammelech's Judgement Bolt technique.
  • The Lightning Crash technique invokes a pun. 雷斗刃駆 is romanized as Raitoningu, which is the Japanese way of pronouncing the word 'lightning'. However, the kanji themselves mean "the edge of a blade with a to of lightning".
  • Adramelech's full name was revealed in the anime. Raijin refers to a specific god of thunder and lightning in the Shinto religion and Japanese mythology.
  • Adramelech is most likely based on Járngreipr, the iron gloves of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.