Убийца Акаме вики
Убийца Акаме вики

Убить Тьму (闇を斬る, Yami wo Kiru) это первая глава манги Akame ga Kill!.


В 1024 году Императорского правления, Татсуми и его друзья детства Иясу и Саё отправились вместе из своей родной деревни с мечтой заработать славу и деньги. По пути, трио разошлось, когда напали бандиты. Позже Татсуми спаскет караван от Опасносного Зверя первого класса, победив его с легкостью, демонстрируя свой талант к боям.

Tatsumi arrives at the capital

Tatsumi arrives at the capital and attempts to enlist in the Imperial army, but is turned away due to the flood of applicants due to a recession. Sitting outside the recruitment office, wondering what to do next, A beautiful woman appears before Tatsumi offering to help him in exchange to treating her to a meal. The woman tells Tatsumi that with connections and cash payment, he would be able to get into the Imperial army, and he gives her his bag of savings. The woman leaves with Tatsumi's money, promising to use it to secure him a position, but after hours of waiting, Tatsumi realizes he was tricked.

A dejected and broke Tatsumi sits beside the road, planning to sleep there, and is found by a wealthy young woman named Aria, who offers him a place to stay. Tatsumi is distrustful at first, but accepts her offer. The next day, Tatsumi is told by one of Aria's bodyguards of the child Emperor, and his Prime Minister, who is corrupting the once great Empire. He is also told of the assassins called "Night Raid" who oppose the Empire.

Later that night, Tatsumi awakes sensing bloodlust. He runs out of his room and witnesses Night Raid for the first time. The family's bodyguards attempt to defend the mansion but are cut down one by one. Tatsumi finds Aria and attempts to guard her when a female assassin arrives, targeting her.

Akame stabs Tatsumi

The female assassin warns Tatsumi that she will kill him if he gets in her way, but he refuses to stand down. The woman who took Tatsumi's money previously shows up and watches as Tatsumi and the female assassin cross swords. Tatsumi then appears to be stabbed, but was saved by the idol that the Village Chief gave him before embarking on his journey. The female assassin prepares to attack him once again but is stopped by the woman who took Tatsumi's money, who is revealed to be a member of Night Raid as well.

Tatsumi slays Aria

She proceeds to reveal to Tatsumi the true nature of Aria and her family's as sadists who kill innocent people, kicking in the door of their torture room. Tatsumi is shocked to find Sayo among the mutilated captives, and a barely-alive Ieyasu in a cage, who tells him that Aria tortured Sayo to death. In his rage, Tatsumi stops Akame and slays Aria himself. After killing Aria, Tatsumi frees Ieyasu from his cage and watches Ieyasu succumbing to the Lubora disease, which Aria's mother infected him with. Saddened by the lost of his two best friends, Leone (the con-girl) and Akame (female assassin) discuss taking Tatsumi back to Night Raid's hideout with them much to Tatsumi's surprise and reluctance. Leone then grabs a reluctant Tatsumi and they head to where the rest of Night Raid is waiting for them.The other Night Raiders ask who Tatsumi is, and Leone replies "one of us". Tatsumi is confused but is forced to come along, being carried by Night Raid member Bulat. Night Raid (with Tatsumi) then head back to their hideout.

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